Sunday, September 18

Boxed !!!

After searching for like a long time (seemed like forever!), I finally connected to a person (thanks to a common friend!) who makes a die cut (for more info on die cuts, you can refer to the links below)

Die Cutting:
How to make a die cut board: Making a Die Cut
                                         Die Cut Board
Die cutting a box:Die Cutting a Box
                        Roll Die Cutting
                                           Punch Die Cutting
                                Punch Die Cutting
                                Punch Die Cutting

This is a die cut board. You manufacture this to cut your box according to your specifications. My friend makes this! And he has a die cut machine too!

Before I got to this point, I was really searching for a local packaging company who can cater to the needs of a starting business like mine. But it seemed they all want bulk orders like 10,000 piece order! I can't do that! But my angels are listening, they have been with  me ever since I started this business and lead mo to my die cut making - friend! He had been the die cut maker of  big time companies like Lim Tong Press and even Goldilocks!

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